how does nudj work

quick, easy and effective

Download the App

Get the Free Nudj App and set up your preferences.

Name Your Nudj’s

Switch on a Nudj and let it say hello to your phone. Give it a name to identify its location.

Set Your Notifications

Set Notifications for the next time you pass a Nudj, or for after a specified time. You can also set repeat reminders, or regular time based alerts.

Forget Remebering

Let Nudj be your memory and clear your mind for more important things.

Design, Screens and Function


The Essential Need to Know.
your friendly reminder, where you need it

We designed NUDJ because time based reminders arent always the most effective way of remembering to do something. Often the alert comes at the right time, but just the wrong place. Maybe because you're running late, or you are just in the middle of another task - either way its soon forgotten. NUDJ recognises that often the best place to get a reminder is when you're moving from place to place - leaving home in the morning, on your way to a job or a meeting, or getting into your car. NUDJ uses some clever wifi signal shaping to deliver a focused curtain that makes sure that you get reminders exactly where you need them. It's that simple. Not cutting edge, not life changing, not Nobel prize stuff. Just simple, clever and effective.

  • discrete

    No need to connect, activate or pair.

  • Low Power

    4 yr battery life and no phone-drain

  • Easy

    Self Fix, Self Powered

  • accurate

    beats bluetooth and gps by miles

Future Nudj

Roll Over the icons to see what the future holds for Nudj. Get in touch if you're involved in POS, Loyalty, Health & Safety, or any area where location and verification are all important.
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Shared Nudj
NUDJ+ allows families, workgroups or project teams to share NUDJ’s. Post NUDJ’s for others and get real time confirmation of actions. Think of it as digital Post-it Notes.
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New Era Loyalty
NUDJ brings a whole different level of customer loyalty with zero customer action giving 100% log rate. With innovative loyalty parking, NUDJ revolutionises loyalty and blows bluetooth and shopkick out of the mall.
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Real Time Checks

Changing H&S
Precise, location activated checklists and tasks, recorded in real time and reported as they happen. This is the future of time sensitive reporting.
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what else

The Great Unknown
We’re are sure there are many other applications for NUDJ. If you have thought of one, get in touch and lets see what we can do.

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